Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday, Friday.

Happy Birthday Taylor Reid!
You know it's going to be a good party when you wear four hats. Taylor is my bff. The bread to my butter; the tequila to my margarita, and G to my string. Always a blasty and joy to be around. He's rather awesome like that.  For his 24th birthday, we had an epic party at the always classy Tulalip Resort and Casino which included a ultra swank room, gambling our hearts out, and dance parties galore.  Friends like these are rare (for a good reason: too much of a good thing...well, you know how it goes!) ;) I'm glad I was able to spend the weekend celebrating the amazing person he is. I think this instagram definitely does him justice. It's the essence of Taylor!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White Chocolate Banana Goodness.

Okay...Check it out.

I made the recipe up myself and I must the Better than your mama's banana bread. Or your gramma's for that matter. But probably not better than my mom's, because her's actually is the best. I can't betray that but I can say that thanks to genetics, I've got the banana bread gene.
 Pre-heat over to 350 degrees
Baking Time is 15-20 mins.

Mix Together:
3 Ripe Bananas
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 Eggs (beaten)
2 tsp Vanilla
2 tsp Milk
1 tsp Salt
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 Cup of Shortening
1 Cup of Sugar
2 Cups of Flour
12-16oz of white chocolate baking chips

Spoon into muffin tins (be sure to use baking cups too!) about 1/2 to 2/3 full. Bake then enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grams has the Munchies.

Do you ever sit by someone-be it at a coffee shop, theater, restaurant, bus,....or airplane...and they just completely captivate you?  You can't divert your eyes because every little movements and task they perform is done in such peculiar ways that you become transfixed?

This Grandma had me a boarding.  We hopped on the plane and before she even made it to her seat, I knew this would be a special one.  I knew it would be even better when I looked over 20 minutes after take off to find her slouched over out cold.  My traveling companions and I watched her for a few minutes to ensure she was in fact still breathing.

After she woke up about an hour into the flight, it was like she transformed into a slow, 15 year old boy with the munchies. I have never NEVER seen a grandma put down food like this lady did.

First it was her soggy, bruised half eaten banana she had carried on that was wrapped in an old subway sandwich bag. Then she pull out some crackers and spread that appeared to be homemade and disgustingly messy. She had grandma hands, which are cute, expect when covered in mayo spread being licked and sucked ever 2 minutes. I've never seen anyone find another meal under their nails like Gammy did.

Just when we thought she was done she ordered an entire snack pack from the stewardess. Keep in mind this was a Vegas to Seattle flight, not ever 3 hours long!  She munched her way through that and while she was order her coffee and soda, we decided she had to be baked because there was no way you could eat that much at that age and not be high.

Well, props Gammy. You managed to defy all odds and captivate row 30 like no other. See you in the air.

CVS x3

This is what happens when you go to 3 different CVS pharmacies in a 4 day vacation. The old man creeper glasses start to actually "look good" and you become all to equipped to morph into the persona required to wear them.

It was an eventful vacation and I'm sure as shit happy to not visit another CVS for a year or two.

Thursday: Dutch Lovers.

SO, there is this place in Las Vegas called the forum (you can guess which resort/casino it's connect to).  It has hundreds of shops, restaurants, art displays, etc. You feel like you're in another world entirely. 

I've also wanted a tattoo but could never figure out what exactly. Even now that I think I know what I would get, I'm still too chicken to committ to forever. Maybe that's why I'm still single.....I digress.  My family is Dutch and I remember growing up running around my grandma's house in clogs all the time. I thought they were so cool and fun. It was dress up for me. My sisters and I always had sets up dutch nesting dolls as well. I loved playing with them--setting them all out, stacking them all up. Okay, so maybe they weren't all that fun actually but I still loved them.

I decided a few months ago that my tattoo would be that-Dutch nesting dolls. It means more to me than something random and I don't really want Jesus tattooed on me just yet--I'm not ever NOT going to be Dutch so bring it, Holland.

This little Dutch couple was displayed in a window in the Forum while we were harassing Las Vegas. I could not help but love the ridiculousness of it. It's traditional with a flair.  I love the uniqueness of it.  I plan on a fairly traditional nesting doll, but this nonetheless, did push me to become a little more creative (and serious) about this tattoo. Hopefully one day I'll blog about it actually happening! HA!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Which is Uglier?

I've yet to decide which actually bothers me more: The hot pink dog snuggie or the ugly bug eyed dog in the pink snuggie.

It's technically called a "Pet Cuddlee". It comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and you can purchase 2 for just $10.00 at your local Las Vegas CVS Pharmacy.

We've had an eventful time in Vegas so far and it's just the first day. I fear this first trip to CVS won't be our last. At least there are "interesting" things to look at while waiting for prescriptions to get filled!

Friends, be kind. Don't make your dog look like a pink twinkie.

Scared Shitless

I hate flying with every bone in my body. All be it, I love to travel.  My love of travel always outweighs my fear of flying. It's manageable--I can still function and not have a melt down on the plane, although a few years ago I might not have been able to say that.

I think this photo I took out my plane window somewhere around 9 or 10 in the morning. For the briefest of moments, I think I actually enjoyed flying. How else would you ever get such an incredible view as this?

Now, there are still some negatives for me. I'm literally scared shitless. If you're a person who is weary off poo-talk, avert your eyes now. When I travel I simply can't poo. I've held it for almost a week before. What the crap?! No pun intended. Does anyone else experience this Traveler's Consitpation or is it just me? It is like the second I step onto a plane, go camping, etc. my bowels become like the Hoover Dam. Ain't nothing going anywhere!  You can imagine what happens once I get home....

Anyway, this view was nice and my intestines weren't. It was worth the panic and constipation to see something this cool however.

Loud and Uninteresting

Meet Megan. She's loud and uninteresting.

Well, so they say....or at least he says. "He" is right with the former. She is loud. Loud and proud.  If you have sensitive ears, consider purchasing earmuffs while you hit the town with this girl.  Her loudness isn't a problem though--most of us are quite fond of it. It makes for exciting moments, like trying to be sneaky. It's not her strong suit.  But she has many other strong suits she puts on, like eating blizzards for example.

"He" also called her uninteresting. This is where we must agree to disagree. Megan is probably one of the most interesting people I have met.  She's that person that gets mono more than once, will marry a rich black man named jamal, and get a bruise the size of Oprah's underarms on her ass from a mean encounter with the stairs. Girl has got stories for days. And photos. She's more than happy to text them to you or set them as your phone background.

So Jamal, if you're out there, "He" obviously didn't work out. Megan would like to share a blizzard with you someday aka TODAY. Wait no. She probably wouldn't share her's but she might suggest a good flavor.

Peace and Blessings.
Peace and Blessings.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Thrift Store Rage.

Well friends, here it is. The wave of thrift store futures. It's the wheelie basket.

While out thrifting today at our local Value Village, we discovered a new trend.  Thrift stores aren't just for our outdated, worn clothes anymore. They have made cutting edge advancements in shopping starting with the wheelie basket. Is it a cart? NO. Is it a basket? SORTA. Is it wheelie? DEFINITELY.

It functions much like those suitcases that have the wheels that can move and go in any direction. I'm sure there is a very proper, logical name for those wheels---but I don't know it.  While shopping I pretended I had children in it, imitated a janitor buffing floors, and had a lovely conversation with our clerk who mentioned that some people even put their dogs in it when they come in to shop.

Ummmmm. Ew. I don't think I'll be using one again any time soon. But ya, wave of the future. Thrift store rage.  Try it out. Take your children, or your dog. They will be sure to enjoy skirting along the floor of a second hand shop while you pick out their next embarrassing sequin jumpsuit.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet Muffy

I'd like you all to meet Muffy. He was adopted from an Issaquah Walgreens along with two of his siblings in 2007. Muffy is a pretty consistent pal...always happy and a little nuts.

Muffy sits on the counter in my bathroom. I find it hard to be grumpy in the morning when a ceramic squirrel/chipmunk thing is looking at you with buck teeth and an acorn at its side. We currently have 2 of the 3 siblings in our home-not really sure when the 3rd one ended up.

One of the coolest things Muffy can do is hide things in his butt...well, maybe tail is more appropriate. I like to stick a $20 in there for safe keeping.

Thanks for meeting Muffy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What the Heck?

Welcome to Instablog Seattle! This is a place where randomness, tiny inklings, happen-chance, and seemingly insignificant thoughts come to fruition. Every day, I post something random from my day and extrapilate from it. It all starts with a photo. For those who know me well, I'm somewhat of a photo whore. I love them. I could make up a story for any fact, it's one of my favorite things to do.

My postings may be about things I over hear, my quirky beloved family, random conversations from the church I work at, or perhaps even a recipe or two of the food I like to cook. It's simply meant to be a crooked window into my life. There is nothing formal about this-which is much like me. I'll be posting and uploading the inspiration image via the instagram app on my iphone. My hope is to give some substance to all the random postings, photos, and crap I subject my friends to on facebook. At least here, there will be some type of productivity about them.

Enjoy and spread the instablog!