Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Thrift Store Rage.

Well friends, here it is. The wave of thrift store futures. It's the wheelie basket.

While out thrifting today at our local Value Village, we discovered a new trend.  Thrift stores aren't just for our outdated, worn clothes anymore. They have made cutting edge advancements in shopping starting with the wheelie basket. Is it a cart? NO. Is it a basket? SORTA. Is it wheelie? DEFINITELY.

It functions much like those suitcases that have the wheels that can move and go in any direction. I'm sure there is a very proper, logical name for those wheels---but I don't know it.  While shopping I pretended I had children in it, imitated a janitor buffing floors, and had a lovely conversation with our clerk who mentioned that some people even put their dogs in it when they come in to shop.

Ummmmm. Ew. I don't think I'll be using one again any time soon. But ya, wave of the future. Thrift store rage.  Try it out. Take your children, or your dog. They will be sure to enjoy skirting along the floor of a second hand shop while you pick out their next embarrassing sequin jumpsuit.

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