Monday, March 7, 2011

Loud and Uninteresting

Meet Megan. She's loud and uninteresting.

Well, so they say....or at least he says. "He" is right with the former. She is loud. Loud and proud.  If you have sensitive ears, consider purchasing earmuffs while you hit the town with this girl.  Her loudness isn't a problem though--most of us are quite fond of it. It makes for exciting moments, like trying to be sneaky. It's not her strong suit.  But she has many other strong suits she puts on, like eating blizzards for example.

"He" also called her uninteresting. This is where we must agree to disagree. Megan is probably one of the most interesting people I have met.  She's that person that gets mono more than once, will marry a rich black man named jamal, and get a bruise the size of Oprah's underarms on her ass from a mean encounter with the stairs. Girl has got stories for days. And photos. She's more than happy to text them to you or set them as your phone background.

So Jamal, if you're out there, "He" obviously didn't work out. Megan would like to share a blizzard with you someday aka TODAY. Wait no. She probably wouldn't share her's but she might suggest a good flavor.

Peace and Blessings.
Peace and Blessings.

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