Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grams has the Munchies.

Do you ever sit by someone-be it at a coffee shop, theater, restaurant, bus,....or airplane...and they just completely captivate you?  You can't divert your eyes because every little movements and task they perform is done in such peculiar ways that you become transfixed?

This Grandma had me a boarding.  We hopped on the plane and before she even made it to her seat, I knew this would be a special one.  I knew it would be even better when I looked over 20 minutes after take off to find her slouched over out cold.  My traveling companions and I watched her for a few minutes to ensure she was in fact still breathing.

After she woke up about an hour into the flight, it was like she transformed into a slow, 15 year old boy with the munchies. I have never NEVER seen a grandma put down food like this lady did.

First it was her soggy, bruised half eaten banana she had carried on that was wrapped in an old subway sandwich bag. Then she pull out some crackers and spread that appeared to be homemade and disgustingly messy. She had grandma hands, which are cute, expect when covered in mayo spread being licked and sucked ever 2 minutes. I've never seen anyone find another meal under their nails like Gammy did.

Just when we thought she was done she ordered an entire snack pack from the stewardess. Keep in mind this was a Vegas to Seattle flight, not ever 3 hours long!  She munched her way through that and while she was order her coffee and soda, we decided she had to be baked because there was no way you could eat that much at that age and not be high.

Well, props Gammy. You managed to defy all odds and captivate row 30 like no other. See you in the air.

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