Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Blessing for Writers

In the last few months, I have been made aware of friends who are writing some really fabulous things. While the idea of writing a book or being published sounds wonderful, I am learning it might not be in the future for me. At least not now. So I was wondering how I might encourage them instead of succumbing to my jealousy (Yes, there is an ugly place in me that hates you writer-types because you're so damn good). So, I found another way. It's a different kind of writing but it draws me out of myself and creates a place to bless the amazing things others are doing, writing, and being. I can be me and be blessed with what shape that takes while also blessing and being blessed by you.

A blessing for writers:

May you always recall the joy of bedtime stories of dragons and fairies.   
May you always rejoice in the imagination and creation of other worlds, other people, and other stories.
May the words you have locked up in your mind find place on the page before you.
May your deadline help you choose your words wisely.
May the story worth telling inside you find a way to surface.

And as we pen new stories and bind old ones
, may you always enjoy the journey to find those perfectly imperfect words to tell it.

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