Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet Sophers.

This is Sophie.  She is an almost 1 year old (She'll be 1 in 4 days. There may or may not be a party).  I named her Sophie knowing that the names means wisdom or wise one. This was my futile attempt in trying to have a smart dog. Now, Sophie is smart in the sense that she will do tricks, follow most commands, and sneaky as hell.  But she just isn't very street smart. She'd never make it in Mexico. Her favorite activities include running around the church yard, going on walks in the harbor, eating the church pew in my living room, eating actual food, pooping (way too much), and sneaking lone socks out of my laundry baskets.  This last activity is my pet peeve...not because it does the most damage but because to have mismatched socks is a tragedy of great proportions for the modern day human.

Yet in her annoyance, she is also a wonderful dog.  She knows when you are sad.  She'll hop in your lap (all 70lbs of her) or snuggle up close and sniff your tears (probably because she wants to lick them more than anything).  She is never low on excitement, weird noises, and funny faces.  The photo here is when I woke her up from a mid-day nap and she looked drugged.  She is in the best mood in the morning when I first turn on the lights. She puts her chin on the edge of my bed until I get up to let her out. As a single person that is living in a new and different place, to have Sophie is a God-send.  Maybe that sounds sad or pathetic to you, but having someone or something to come home to feels nice, even if it is "just" a dog. :)

You're welcome to play with her anytime. She hasn't met a person (or dog) yet that she doesn't like!

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